• My Mustang Story

    Story Submitted by Lyndon Saylor
    West Salisbury, Pennsylvania

    My first Mustang is a 1973 Mach 1; 351 H code Cleveland, FMX automatic, and Dark Metallic Green with Avocado interior. The interior is definitely from the 1970s, but it works well with the outside color. I bought my car in 1979 from a guy that didnít drive it in the winter but left it out in the elements. I had just sold a í75 Torino and I knew the guy would sell the car but not just to anyone. After the deal was done and I had the title I went to pick up the car. It was in the month of November and it had three inches of ice all over it. A friend offered to put it in his garage to melt; being impatient I went around and hit the ice with my hand to break it loose. It worked too well because on the hood and roof the paint came off with the ice.

    The following spring, a local shop painted the hood for me. Since I really did not know much about Mustangs at that time, I had them paint it like a Boss hood. Fast forward several years, marriage and kids was tough but I kept the car. In 2000 I had the Mustang repainted to reflect the Mach 1 hood. From the time I bought it I would buy new Ford parts to put on it, such as a complete ram air assembly, and front and rear spoilers. I traded a good set of aluminum wheels to a guy that had the Ford aluminum wheels but, as you know, they had finish problems. He was happy to get shinny wheels and I liked the Ford ones, they polished up well and we were both happy.

    Iíd taken my í73 to many shows and usually got a trophy. When I started going to Mustang-specific shows, itís won silver and more recently gold awards. At the 40th Anniversary of the Mustang I received one of the awards they gave out.

    I had already detailed the engine bay, undercarriage, interior and trunk but now want to restore it with the two-barrel heads, intake, carburetor and exhaust manifolds to get it back to stock. For some reason the MCA judges donít think Edelbrock and Holley were options for that year.

    My second Mustang is actually my fatherís but it resides in my garage nowóa 1965 A code 289 automatic, manual convertible in Twilight Turquoise with Parchment interior and roof. He bought it in 1989 and drove it for a year but with 100,000 miles and dirt floor storage, it needed a restoration. My brother completely disassembled it in 1990 but before the rebuild could be started our business took off and available time just didnít happen.

    I had built a garage in 1996 and figured if dad would ever be able to drive it I needed to get started. Eight months and 43 pieces of undercarriage medal later, the Mustang was ready for the paint shop. My father-in-law is blind so I let him feel it. After he ran his hand over the body, he said I was nutty and should take it to the junkyard. Well, I got it finished in time for our local Memorial Day parade in 1997 and dad got to drive dignitaries to the memorial service. About 2006, Dad decided he could no longer get in and out of the Mustang and ask me to take it. When I restored it he paid for the parts and I supplied the labor, so I guess now I can say itís mine.

    My third Mustang is also the third new car in my adult life, a 2008 Shelby GT 500, Torch Red convertible, standard transmission, black interior and roof. When I found this Mustang I made the dealer an offer, he accepted it and I trailered it home. Itís been a long time since my Ď73 ran as well as the Shelby.

    My garage was expanded grew for the last time, I hope, in 2005. It has several wall murals and paintings in the back half that keeps the íStangs clean while being able to work on other projects or performing maintenance on our daily drivers in the front side. The two halves are divided with a wall and a doorway large enough to take the cars between sides. Itís a great way to enjoy our Mustangs year round!

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