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    The all-new Mustang.org is packed with features reserved only for MCA Members, but you must create new a web site account and link it to your MCA membership to enjoy all of the web site's benefits. Here's how:
    1. Click "Join MCA" from any of the four places at the top of the page.
    "Join MCA" Links
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    2. Enter your date of birth.
    Date of Birth
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    3. Enter a user name, which can be any (appropriate) nickname you select, choose a password, enter your email address, and answer the human verification question, which is in place to reduce spam on the web site.
    Required Info
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    4. Select your MCA membership status.
    Current MCA Member
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    5. Complete any optional Additional Information you wish to provide.
    Optional Info
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    6. Check the box to agree to the forum rules and privacy statement, then click "Complete Registration".
    Forum Rules & Privacy Statement
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    7. You receive an email with your activation link. You must click the link to activate your web site account, but that does not complete the process of linking with your MCA membership.
    Activation Notice
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    8. Verify your MCA membership status by entering your MCA number and expiration date. Your expiration date can be found on your membership card and in the address block on Mustang Times magazine. Enter the expiration date in the format MM/YY, then click "Join".
    Verify MCA Membership
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    9. If your MCA membership is verified, ensure your contact information is correct, then click "Save".
    MCA Membership Verified
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    MCA Membership Info
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