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    When I first bought my car in March 2007 my goal was to have a 10 second street cruiser, and for me a convertible was the only choice! I loved the look of the LeMans stripes on the coupes but they did not come on convertibles so I bought them and installed them myself. Now I feel it actually looks like a Shelby instead of just another Mustang convertible.

    I have really enjoyed my car. I have put over 23,000 miles on it, most of which have been Shelby related trips or vacations. It has been a blast to drive and is a real head turner.

    Those that know me know that I blew my engine out at Carroll Shelby's Birthday Bash in January 2008.

    It was caused by a lean condition of running a 93 octane tune with 91 gas and no Torco Let me tell you it was an expensive mistake. Burned up pistons 7 and 8. No worries though. It is back together and better than ever.

    Below is the current configuration of my car as well as my plans for the car during the rebuild

    Build Objectives

    * Push the envelope with 800 HP / 700 ft.lbs. torque
    * Able to run on 93 Octane (plus Torco for added safety)
    * Race capable on higher octane pushing 1000 HP / 900 ft lbs torque
    * Give expansion for future power adders if desired


    Thanks to the boys at BB&T Racing in Southaven MS for the engine build and Jon Lund from Lund Racing for doing the tune. Jon knows exactly what this car should be doing and predicted the outcome of every change in the tune! Derrick and John at BB&T assisted me and also knew their stuff! Also special thanks to my friend Don Spahr who helped manage the whole process!

    The car pulled 801 RWHP on a Mustang Dyno.

    These results were based on a tank of gas with one can of Torco in it. This is also based on a Mustang dyno which runs about 5% lower than a Dynojet (I'm told).

    The numbers in red are what we ran. The run actually peaked at 801 RWHP but the dyno graph cut it off as it was achieved outside of the logging band. Using the same 5% correction factor that on a dynojet would have been around 841 RWHP!

    All along I was shooting for 800 RWHP and I feel satisfied that I am there!


    * Venom Custom Hood - Trufiber
    * Flat Black GT500 Stripes - Stuck On You Graphics
    * Flat Black Fender Stripes - Stuck On You Graphics
    * Custom KR painted lower spoiler

    Factory GT500 Rim with stock tires for street
    Bogart 15in racing rims and M/Ts 305/45/18s for the strip!

    Bottom End
    * Eagle 4340 rods
    * Diamond pistons
    * 3/8 inch upgraded rod bolts

    Power - Kenny Bell 2.8 Supercharger
    * 3.25 inch pulley
    * IW lower 10% pulley

    Fuel System
    * Evolution billet fuel rails
    * 75 lb injectors
    * KB BAP wired continuous

    * Ford GT cams (improved HP and torque across the RPM range)

    Revan Racing - Extreme Radiator and Intercooler! Thanks Van!

    Shifter - Steeda Tri-Ax Shifter (better shifting performance - less missed shifts)

    Drive Shaft - DynoTech 3.5 inch aluminum DS (Handle up to 1000 HP)

    Rear Differential
    * 3.73 FRPP Gears (15% more torque above stock 3:31 gears)
    * Detroit Locker (eliminate loss of power through differential slippage)
    * Strange hardened Axles
    * Ford Racing Rear End Girdle

    Line Lock - Granatelli Tire Fryer Line Lock (heat tires up at the track without burning up clutch) wired with dual function switch so it is activated by the horn (eliminating additional switches in the cab).

    * American Racing Headers 1 with off-road X pipe - Hot Jet coated to reduce temps in engine compartment and aid in evaluation of cylinder chambers. (+20 HP/ +15ft lbs torque) and better heat dissipation.

    Rear Suspension (eliminate wheel hop and help with launching)
    * BMR Upper Control Arm
    * BMR Lower Control Arms
    * BMR LCA Relocation Brackets
    * BMR Swaybar Relocation Brackets
    * QA1 adjustable rear shocks


    * OCD Custom Billit shift handle with 2010 white shift ball! Thansk Stacy
    * Stuck On You Graphics SVT red letter sill plate inserts!
    * CDC Light Bar
    * Carroll Shelby signed dash (between the vents)
    * Speed of Sound center dash gauge cluster with Autometer Cobalt gauges (Boost/ Air Fuel / Fuel Pressure)
    * Speedo24 custom GT500 lighter emblem!

    * One Piece Radiator Cover - Bangastang
    * Billet Dress Up Kit - Shelby
    * Chrome Ford Racing Coil Pack Covers
    * Custom Flat Black Stripes under hood - Stuck On You Graphics
    * Flat Black Radiator Tank and Intercooler Tank
    * Battery Trunk Relocation Kit - Custom Dynospeed
    * Chrome Thermostat Housing

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