1. General Information
    Mustang GT fastback
    Rangoon Red
    GT package, Interior Decor Package

    My dad purchased this car as a rolling shell in the fall of 1991 from a Mustang shop in Tennessee as a father/son restoration project. Since it was a factory K-code GT, we agreed to restore it to 'stock' condition. We would spend the next 4 years going over essentially every part of the car, using original parts we restored or NOS parts, taking it back to 'as-new' condition.

    I drove the car as my daily driver (!) during my senior year of high school and first two years of college before we pulled the car off the road to re-restore to Concours show quality. I miss driving the car, but wouldn't trade the great memories with my dad for anything...


    Rangoon Red paint, black GT stripes


    Styled-steel wheels, 14x5 front & rear with reproduction dual red-line tires


    Stock 289 High Performance K-code specs, including flat-tappet, mechanical cam with solid lifters, points distributor and rebuilt Autolite carb

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