1. General Information
    Shelby Jr
    Powerwheels (Customized by me)
    Shelby GT500
    Black with Flat Black Stripes
    Supercharged upgrade from 12-18 volts

    I thought it would be a great idea to get my girls interested in my Shelby if they had one of their own. So I trolled Craigslist until I found a used red Mustang GT for $100 and made it look exactly like my car!

    The girls love it! They drive it all the time and even wash it occasionally when I wash my car. It turned out better than I thought it ever would!


    The car was completely dissasembled, scuffed with Scotchbright pads and then painted with Krylon Fusion paint (black). Then the car was reassembled.

    After that I put a set of flat black stripes I made for the car. I have a small graphics business so the stripes were identical to the ones on my car in every way possible! I even replicated the badging on the car including the SHELBY letters and the Cobras.

    Since I upgraded the voltage on the car from 12-18 volts my daughters have already worn out one set of tires and had to replace them with new ones. Oh well! Like father like daughter!

    The Powerwheels cars come with a grey 12 volt battery. I installed a red 6V battery inline to make 18Volts! The car rocks now but it is not too fast that it breaks things. The kids can actually drift in the car when on pavement!

    Here is a link to their YouTube video!

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