1. General Information
    2008 Mustang
    Grabber Orange
    V6 Appearance Package, Interior Upgrade Package

    Original Owner

    Only 150 2008 Mustangs produced with the V6 Appearance Package

    Out of the 150, approximately 38 have the Interior Upgrade Package and Dark Charcoal Cloth trim like mine.

    Out of those 38, approximately 6 have a manual transmission like mine.

    Out of those 6, approximately 1 are Grabber Orange.

    This is that car!


    Appearance Package

    18" wheels that came with the Appearance Package

    My 2001 Laser Red Mustang and my 2008 Grabber Orange Mustang along with my mom's 2006 RedFire Red Mustang and my brother's 2006 Vista Blue Mustang.

    All original

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