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    Was Flat Red, Then Flat Blue, Now Flat Green

    Purchased Used 2007. Saw a great white notch with Bullitt rims at an Indy regional and I thought one would fit the Bullitt rims I had stacked in the garage.


    First paint job was 8 coats of flat red Behr exterior house paint, rolled on. Some new front end pieces required more painting, so I decided to go with a new color. Sticking with Behr and my roller skills, I selected a color very close to Grabber Blue. Upgraded to "Premium Plus Ultra" and only needed 3 coats to cover the red. Next, an amazing Apple Orchard green

    Rims and Tires off my Bullitt.


    4.6 2V "360R" crate motor from Roush, 4R70W auto trans, Custom AFCO intercooler w/terminator reservoir and pump, Hydroboost brake assist, UPR K-member, `02 rotors and calipers up front, 5 lug "long" rear axels w/`02 rotors and calipers and `92 Town Car flex lines, Cobra fuel tank w twin pumps, X pipe and Magnaflow exaust.

    Tubular front with coil overs. Sub frame connectors, torque boxes added in the rear


    Work still in progress. So far `05 Mustang seats w/Power driver's, rear delete, some Red plastic/vinyl pieces painted charcoal. 6 cd changer, boost gauge. Dynamat. Plaid speaker shelf

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