1. General Information
    Mustang Coupe
    Red Primer (To be painted 1970 Boss 302 Yellow)

    I acquired the Mustang in 2001 as a almost bare shell that was being used as a parts car. Over the years I have been acquiring parts, & after 4 moves in 2011 I finally started working on the Mustang to bring it back to its former self with some upgrades. It will be equipped with a 5.0 from a 1987 Mustang, modified with Trick Flow heads & cam, Edelbrock Performer RPM intake, & a T-5 5 spd trans. It has a completely rebuilt front suspension w/SOT adjustable strut rods, OTR street performance upper & lower control arms, roller spring perches, roller idler arm, all new steering linkage, & performance 1" lowering coil springs. The rear leaf springs are 4.5 mid eye 1" lowering leaf springs, & has Koni STR T shocks front & rear. I added power disc brakes w/Kelsey/Hayes 4 piston front calipers, & will be upgrading to 10" X 2 1/2" rear brakes. The car will be completely rewired using an AAW kit for a 69 Mustang. It has a rear spoiler, front spoiler, & hood scoop from a 69 Mach-1, High back front bucket seats, & the rear seat is from a 1970 Mustang, & the r/s dash panel from a 69 Mach-1. I also added a center trans tunnel mounted parking brake from a 1987 Mustang.


    I added a front spoiler, rear spoiler, & a hood scoop from a 69 Mach-1, & lower body side scoops from a 69/70 Shelby Convertible. The plans now are to have the Mustang painted 1970 Boss 302 yellow & adding the 1970 Mach-1 hood stripe, 69 GT lower body stripes, & blacking out the tail light panel, & the outer head light buckets like the 69 Boss 302.

    I am using the 14" 68/69 Mustang styled steel wheels that I had from a 68 GT I owned back in the 80's. I sprayed the wheels with chrome paint & added Cooper Cobra Radial GT's 215/70R-14's in the front, & 225/70R14's in the rear. Topping it off with GT center caps & new repo trim rings.

    The suspension is all completely rebuilt using OTR street performance upper & lower control arms, & 1" lowering performance front coil springs. The rear has 4.5 mid eye 1" lowering leaf springs, 3.50 trac loc differential w/all new bearings.

    After finishing the needed sheet metal replacement I completely coated the interior of the Mustang with Master Series Silver paint. I have added front high back seats, & the rear seat from a 1970 Mustang. The steering wheel I am using came from a 1980's full size Bronco modified to work on the Mustang steering column. The AM/FM Stereo came from a 1980 T.B.

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