1. General Information
    Wifes 66 Convertible
    Springtime Yellow

    Originally a 6 cylinder, automatic, rust bucket, no top, no floors, no trunk, swiss cheese everything else. Now a combination of many years of parts and upgrades.


    Glass hood with 67 GT-350 scoop, 71 flip open gas filler, 68 Mustang script, luggage rack, GT grill and fog lights

    American Racing 200-S with BFG Comp TA tires

    Motor is a 289 +.040 with mild cam and modified Ford heads. Original Ford 3x2 intake manifold, with three 200cfm carbs, original Shelby Tri-y headers aobut 40 years old coated. Accel +300 ignition with Mallory distributor

    Typical Shelby drop of upper control arms with 620 lb springs, rear is 8" from a 65 Mustang mounted on mid eye springs. KYB shocks and Shelby underrides. 3.55 gears from a MustangII, aluminum driveshaft, T-5 trans from a 92 Saleen, 71 Mach I front spindles and disc brakes, stainless steel discs on the rear

    Seats are Scat Pro car Elites, matching rear seat vinly, hump hugger console, Dakota Digital Dash, Vintage Air, fully finished trunk interior

    Color coded to body, Cobra air cleaner and valve covers

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