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    My Kcar
    Mustang Coupe
    Pearl White

    Born on Sept 18, 1964, owned since June 1972, second owner. Retired from MCA Modified classes, returned to drag racing. Featured in multiple magazines and Horsepower TV


    Paint is a home brewed color, GM base coat white with Pearl powder in the clearcoat. Cowl hood with gray metallic accents in the center. Custom front splash pan, courtesy of Charlie Hampton, long story to it.

    Racing wheels are Weld Rodlites with Hoosier tires, Street wheels are American Racing Torque Thrust D and Yokohama tires

    Current motor is a Mexican Block with Scat Rotating system for 347 cu in. AFR 185 heads, QuickFuel Tech custom carb, Edelbrock victor Jr intake, Edelbrock RPM nitrous, Hooker headers, Centerforce clutch, Moser 31 spline axles and spool, 4.30 gears. Sometimes a Top loader, Sometimes a T-5 for D&D performance. Best 1/4 mile run of 10.54@132.4mph

    Front, six cylinder springs and CE 90/10 shocks
    Rear, Moser housing, CE slide-a-link bars, Rancho 9000 adjustable shocks. Rear mounted battery


    Shelby dash pod, Scat seats, roll bar, 5-point harness, Shelby style steering wheel. Rear seat still has original covers

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