1. General Information
    The Arvinode Car
    2+2 K Code
    Vintage Burgundy
    High Performance

    A California care assembled in San Jose in December '64 and delivered to Klem Ford in Los Angeles in early January '65. The car has been restored and is a regularly shown on the West Coast at MCA events in concours driven class.

    The car was used as the test mule for 4 different prototypes during the reporduction of the Arvinode exhaust system. The car is a non-GT and is equipped as originally soldwith disc brakes, reverse lights, Rally Pac, and all of the original HiPo parts including the Arvinode reproduction.

    The car still has all of the original driveline including VIN stamped block and transmission.


    * Factory styled steel wheels and dual redline radials.

    * Bracket racing at Carlsbad Raceway in the '80's. Mustang Times article titled "HiPo Reunion" featured this photo of Karl Knoblauch racing in San Diego, CA.

    * Arvinode exhaust reproduced courtesy of Waldron's Antique Exhaust. Special thanks to Joe Tonietto, Jim Abbott, Dick Irwin, Charles Turner, Bob Mannel, and Tom Glotkowski.

    * Stock K code suspension and disc brakes.

    * In-car entertainment is the sound of a solid lifter HiPo engine!

    * No frills stock 289 K code chrome.

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