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    General Information
    Stampede Edition Mustang #351 of 500
    Vista Blue Metallic
    Regional Special: Stampede which included Pony Pkg, IUP an more

    All Stampedes were built in March of 2006 in Flat Rock, MI then shipped to the 300 participating dealers in Oklahoma and Texas. Ford announced the special in its "Expanding the Breed" news post which also announced the return of the California Special in 2007. The announcement was made in May 2006 and the vehicles were sold during the summer months of 2006.

    My Stampede was built 3/30/06 and arrived at my dealership on 4/17/06. I saw it on 6/19/06 on my lunch break. The salesman, not knowing what he was selling, assured me that regardless of the dash plaque they would make more. The sticker says "Specialty" and there were no additional "Dealer Stickers" with it. I went back to lunch to research it and found the Ford announcement. I called the dealership and had them hold the car. After 5 PM I returned to the dealership and bought it. I traded in a 2004 40th Anniversary Edition Package, Oxford White, Coupe with 11K miles, fully stock to get it. I'm sure there were only about 800 or less of those cars but I HAD to have this one.


    Rikken Raptor tires
    OEM 17" Bullit Wheels
    Blue Calipers
    Hawk Performance Ceramic Brakes

    Screaming Demon Racing Coil
    Live Wires
    AirRaid Cold Air Intake
    AirRaid Throttle Body Spacer

    **Have plans for headers, true duals, new CAI, tune, new throttle body, etc.** It is a daily driver and a special so nothing that can't be easily removed. I plan on taking it back to stock someday. **

    Harmon Kardon Drive+Play iPod Integration
    Shelby Kicker Premium Sound System
    KARR Track – GPS Vehicle Tracking/Monitoring
    StreetGlow Flush Mount LED’s - replaced door pins (tied into factory alarm)

    Custom Airbrushed Plenum Cover (Vista Blue/Silver Flames)
    1968 Mustang Script Emblem – on Plenum Cover
    Shock Tower Covers – Vista Blue Metallic
    Radiator Cover, Vista Blue
    Radiator Cover Extensions – Vista Blue
    Fuse Box Cover, Vista Blue w/Chrome Pony
    Brake M/C Cap, Brushed Aluminum
    Windshield Washer Reservoir Cap, Brushed Aluminum
    Power Steering Pump Reservoir Cap, Brushed Aluminum
    Oil Filler Cap, Brushed Aluminum
    Oil Dip Stick Handle, Brushed Aluminum
    Radiator Cap Cover, Brushed Aluminum
    MRT Hood Struts
    Underhood Stainless Steel Hardware Set
    Airaid Cold Air Induction
    Custom Vehicle ID Radiator Plaque
    LEDGLOW 7 Color LED Engine Lighting Kit
    Billet AC Cover Cap Kit - Blue
    Airaid Throttle Body Spacer
    Screamin' Demon Coil 05-0 V6
    Livewires 05-07 V6 - Blue
    245 Badges (2) on either side of engine (for cubic inch)

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