1. General Information
    Sudden Death
    Mustang II
    White (soon to be original color of Silver)

    Built by Wayne Gapp, Jack Roush, Bill Jameson back in 1975 for Joe Ruggirello a Detroit street racer.


    Fiberglass pro stock bumpers, aluminum brackets, rolled/radius/enlarged rear wheel wells

    Fronts: ET Slots
    Rears: Appliance slots

    Fronts: Firestone D70-14 polyglass
    Rears: Mickey Thompson ET streets 30-13.5-15

    Stock Mustang II front

    Rear is tubbed/backhalved


    Don Hardy seats, 6 pt cage

    Engine in this car was done pretty basic, Shelby aluminum intake, Boss 429 aluminum NASCAR water pump/crank pulley, CJ valve covers.

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