1. General Information
    Mustang Mach 1
    Acapulco Blue
    Standard competition suspension for Mach 1.

    Been in my family for over 42 years now. We drive this Mach 1 year round(weather permitting), putting about 1000-1500 miles a year on it.


    Complete Concours(Driven) Restoration.

    We have drove our Mach 1 for years, so, the quarter panels had to be replaced. And so a total paint and body was completed by Casey's paint and body in GA.

    Original wheels and center hubcaps that came on the Mach 1 from 1969.

    Outer trim rings are repos.


    Top speed.....55 MPH.


    Concours(Driven) undercarriage restoration.

    With the ORIGINAL rear housing, drums and backing plates along with the upper and lower A-arms and sway bar. All original floorpans, torque boxes, gas tank, leaf springs, front coil springs, strut bars, AND, the Exhaust "Y" pipe and intermediate pipe are also "ORIGINAL". The tailpipe and muffler hangers are both original.

    Tie rods and upper ball joints and shafts have been replaced.

    Original interior that came in the Mach 1 in 1969 except for dash pad,radio and Shelby gauges.

    Steering wheel,seats, carpet, headliner,package tray, interior deluxe door panels,console,shifter,seat belts, Are all ORIGINAL to our Mach 1.

    Original restored engine compartment.

    This is the ORIGINAL engine that came in our Mach 1.We had it rebuilt to factory specifications in 2009. The only components on the exterior of this engine that has been replaced is the water pump and fuel pump.

    Even the carburetor,breather assembly and exhaust manifolds are ORIGINAL to our Mach 1.

    All hoses,plug wires,distributor cap, are original replacement reproduction.

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