1. General Information
    Mustang Mach 1
    Candyapple Red
    428 CJ RamAir and a C6 auto trans, Power steering and front disc brakes, F70x14 w/ white letters, AM radio

    Originally sold by Mitchell Motor Sales, Mitchell, IN.

    I was living in Rock Hill, SC, at the time (Sept 2005) I bought it, The two owners before me both lives in Round Rock, TX where the car spent at least 17 years.

    When I moved back to Sweden I brought the car with me.


    Sport slats, front spoiler, rear deck spoiler.

    Magnum 500, 255/60x15 on 15x8 rear and 235/60x15 15x7 front

    Engine restored to stock after a major mechanical failure, no enhancements.

    Stock except for a set of Koni's.


    Fold down rear seat added somehere along the timeline..

    A RediRad Am transmitter to play MP3 files through the original Am radio.

    The car now has a restored rimblow steering wheel.

    Finned aluminum valve covers, original Ford. Trying to restore the engine bay to original.

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