1. General Information
    Hold On Loosely!
    Shelby GT 500 (5.4 Aluminum Engine)
    Kona Blue W/Red Stripes
    SVT 373 Rear Gears

    Bought 10/2010.
    *Added aluminum driveshaft and loop. 1/2011.
    What a difference. no vibration and no drag feel.

    Added Kennebell 2.8LC superchanger 8/2011. Kit was not too difficult to add. Power is instantanous!
    Torque Pro with Tablet Gauges response quickly!
    11/2017 Added Flowmaster Outlaw axle back pipes. Sounds like a 70's muscle car now. More power.


    \12/2014 Added Carbon Fiber rear defuser, upper and lower grilles, front splitter, side rockers/splitters and hood vent.
    12/2014 added carbon fiber fuel door.
    12/29/2015 Added LG93 Gurney Flap (Carbon Fiber) to truck wing.

    Added slotted and drilled brake rotors 1/12/2014. Car stops much better at high speeds!

    Ok I've added a Kennebell 2.8LC supercharger and really smokes the tires! Did the entire install myself! 800 HP on pump gas!
    7/16/2012 Added competition intercooler tank (1 gallon) Shelby GT 500 scribed in tank. It cools supercharger and intercooler temps further. You can add ice packs to the inside of the tank.
    4/1/2014 added Shelby oil separator to PCV valve circuit.
    12/1/2016 added pedal commander. What a performance difference. No lag time at all.

    7/2014 Added Shelby adjustable panhead bar, lower Diff links and adjustable upper diff arm (all with poly bushings). Also added Moser axles and Shelby rear diff cover.
    7/2014 Added 5 way adjustable Koni shocks on the rear.
    12/29/2016 added Hotchkis frame connectors and differential stiffening bar.

    Added console items 12/13/2011. Also added GT500 Floormats.
    12/23/2011 added GT500 Lighted Sill Plates
    1/15/2012 added Shelby trunk mat.
    7/13/2012 added Red/white stripe Shelby GT500 shift knob.
    8/16/2012 Added Shelby GT500 stitched headrests.
    4/2104 Added Shelby GT 500 Dead Pedal (stainless)
    4/2014 Added Shelby GT 500 Rear truck deck pad (red stitching)
    12/2014 Added dash cover.
    2/2015 Added Illuminated Red Tiffany Cobra that is displayed through rear window (between rear seat headrests).
    9/2015 Added carbon fiber console, stereo faceplate and door items.

    5/12/2013 Added GT500 coil covers and GT500 billet cap kit. Fuse cover was added 6/2013!
    Torque pro tablet gauges
    11/2014 added hood damper kit.
    12/2014 Added carbon fiber rad cover.
    5/1/2015 Added under hood LED lights and also at grill.
    5/18/2015 Added "Hold On Loosely" to condenser and it appears through grill.
    9/2015 added carbon fiber wiper box cover and strut tower covers.

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