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    Grabber Blue GT
    GT Convertible
    Grabber Blue

    Bought Nov. 2010. Love the color from 1970. Decided to give it a "throwback Muscle Car Look". Have already done the Satin/Flat Black paint on it. Have Additional dress-up parts and toneau cover in garage waiting for Spring.


    Grabber Blue Convertible. Attached is pic of sketch I did for painter of what I wanted. I printed off a pic of car and added the black paint on hood, sides, rear spoiler etc. I think he did a great job and added pin-stripe paint as his own personal touch. She is "One of a Kind" now!

    18" Premium

    Standard GT (So far!!!)


    Upgraded premium interior with matching racing stripe seats. Heated seats, dual climate control, dual driver & passenger elec. controls, Microsoft voice activation package w/Sirius & GPS. (CD player even plays DVD movies) It has it all.

    Numerous parts to put on come spring.

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