1. General Information
    Twilight Torquis
    289 A code, C4 Std Parchment int. w/Consule

    When this car was new the owner got caught in a sand storm and the paint was damaged. So when they had it repainted it was painted red. My father got the car in 1989 drove it for two years then my brother started a restoration. Six years later I got the car with a lot of rust but started anyway. Eleven months and 43 pieces. of medal later, one piece floor board were not available yet, my father drove it in the Memorial day parade in Salisbury. Today it hangs out in my garage with Mach, Tweety and Shelby. Above I said 11 months I was told if it took much longer the accommodations you can see above and to the right in the just restored picture were sure to be my new home.


    The only non stock item is a running horse hood ornament. I thought it was some kind of Ford accessory and tried to have it re chromed. The chromer said, I saw one just like that in a JC Whitney catalog, so I was able to get a new one. A new white top was added July of 2016.

    My father wanted Cragar's on the car and it looked really good but he kept it in a unheated garage and they corroded. That's when I talked him into putting the original hub caps with spinners back on. Spinners were replaced March 2016.

    Its engine was dissembled in 1992 and given to a re-builder then put on a skid until I put the engine back in April of 1998. From the first time I started it there was a tap in the engine. I took it back to the shop that did the work for the guy to listened to it and without saying anything he ask when could he have the engine back. An hour later we had the engine on the floor on an old tire. After we took off the heads he told me he new what was wrong. #6 cylinder had to be bored 30 over but he put a standard piston back in. A week later he brought back the engine ready to be put back in the car and even though it was 6 years later there was no charge and he gave me new antifreeze. Its stock and not a high performer but does just fine.

    Undercarriage has not been restored


    Ever thing in the interior was replace except the dash pad, radio and steering wheel when restore.

    All original except for the rebuild then detailed.

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