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    67 Drop top Pony
    Mustang Convertable

    Originally Purchased in Texas by father-in law in 1970 left in garage and given to me 2008 and it went into restoration mode, all suspension, then engine and front end gt rebuild and then rear axle. Finally went for a complete break down, all new chrome inside and out and paint. New top was added in fall of 2010. Its about ready for some minor interior work and it will be show ready as a driver car.


    Re do GT Package, grill , new chrome, all lights, window trim, door handles inside and out, new trunk lid, Paint 2010, new convertible top,


    we have keep the 1970 Craigers that came with the car and have currently 17" Foose front wheels and 18" Foose rear wheels and low profile tires.


    the old 289 engine had been redone by someone in the late 60s and bored .60 over, added 302 heads, needless to say overheated all the time. 2009 the old 289 was scraped and a 302 - 375 hp was installed, ceramic headers, aluminum exhaust, original three speed auto was redone with titanium bands to handle 800 hp, rear gear was pulled and 3.25 Eaton positrack rear end installed. Electronic air conditioner was added when with the engine redo.

    All new leafs and all new front redone, large 1" sway bars

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