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    Harley Davidson
    Mustang GT
    Harley package

    My own creation just wanted to see what the reaction would be if there were a Harley Davidson edition as a Mustang


    red and back combo with silver stripe separating the color and Harley Davidson eagle on the hood

    Steeda Pentars painted in black with red pin stripe

    275 40 18 rear
    255 4 18 fronts
    18x9 rims

    Bottom end is a 98 cobra flat top pistons.
    heads ported and polished stage 3 comp cams
    bullitt intake with Jlt cal and 150 shot nitrous.

    front kmember and wishbone suspention by UPR with coilover and caster plates.
    rear UPR upper and lower control arms
    2" drop performance springs

    custom made seat with Harley emblems
    Sony 2din radio with eat entertainment system with 1550 watt amp with led lighting

    Accessories painted to match the car

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