1. General Information
    Mustang GT - BULLITT
    Dk. Highland Green
    Ford Racing factory modifications; high performance calibration, unique 3.5-inch stainless steel packed exhaust tips,revised cluster with gunsight graphics and unique font, new open-element cold air induction system/hood blanket w/ AIS seal, & lots more

    Serial #4469. Bought her new off the lot with 84 miles on her.


    Added side window louvers, painted Highland Green to match body color. Switched out stock antenna for a black 12" shorty antenna. Installed sequential tail lights and chrome rear and side reflector frames. Added grill pieces to complete lower grill. Added my MCA window decal on front windshield.Added front fender lip painted to match body color.


    Chrome cup holder frame, chrome frames around radio, CD player, and control button areas, chrome cover plate to cover area around headlight knob, chrome vent covers, chrome button covers and decorative face plate for map light buttons and box area, chrome door sill-plate completion bars and black inserts for the word Bullitt except for the "i" which is read, chrome decal for steering wheel center dial to complete BULLITT gun sight logo, black rear window deletes, installed customized steel mounting plate to front of drivers seat for fire extinguisher. Premium floor mats front and back. Carbon fiber rear window cowl.

    Installed fuel rail and manifold cover, replaced regular fluid lids with chrome lids, chrome tower bolt covers, chrome dipstick handle, black hood struts, custom painted radiator cover.

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