1. General Information
    08 Mustang Bullitt #3972
    Mustang GT
    Dark Highland Green
    Bullitt edition

    Purchased on May 10, 2008 from Dutch's Ford in Mt. Sterling, KY even though I lived in NYC at the time. This was the only Mustang Bullitt I could find late in the model year that didn't have a lot of options I didn't want. I already belonged to the International Mustang Bullitt Owners Club (IMBOC.com), and two of its members met me at the Lexington, KY airport and drove me to the dealer to pick up my car, which I then drove 720 miles home to NYC.
    I now live just north of Los Angeles, and I drove my Mustang x-countrty in May of 2011 (including on Route 66) as part of my move.
    Another fun bit of history: I paid a professional model and her photographer to take pictures with my Mustang at a car show on Long Island in July of 2009.


    Body colored side mirror covers, Show-N-Go front license plate transport

    Full size spare under the trunk


    Driver's leg room extension mod, dash signed by Chad McQueen, replica Steve McQueen signature on dash

    Hood strut lift kit, side radiator covers

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