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    Mustang GT
    GT 249A

    My wife (Lisa) and I purchased the GT coupe from Sames Honda in Laredo,TX back on Dec. 17, 1995 for $14,745 with 16,856 miles on the odometer. Other than a pair of '96 retrofit taillights from Classic Design Concepts, the car is stock. I do have the original horizontal 94-95 taillights for displaying at shows or switching to make the car 100% stock. Today, the car has a little over 44,000 miles on the odometer.


    The only exterior mod that I've performed was replacing the stock horizonatal tri-bar taillights with Classic Design Concepts '96 Retrofit (vertical taillights).
    Paint is Black Clearcoat and I maintain it exclusively with Meguiar's products.

    I upgraded from the 16" cast aluminum wheels (standard on Mustang GT) - Firestone Firehawk P225/55ZR16's ;to the 17" cast aluminum wheels (optional on Mustang GT) with Goodyear Eagle Gatorback 245/45ZR17 tires. At the time, the 17" package was the lowest profile design ever fitted to a Mustang.

    K&N Filtercharger. I also use Ford Motorcraft products.


    I removed the factory cd delete tray and added optional Ford oem CD player which features auto music search, fast-forward, compression, shuffle and scan functions; and stores the disc when the radio is being played. The rear factory speakers were replaced with 6 x 8" Pioneer 3-way speakers.

    Stock - maintained with Meguiars products

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