1. General Information
    Mustang Convertible
    Interior Decor Group (Pony Interior)

    I picked this car up in August of 2011 after it had been in the possession of the previous owner for about 30 years. He had replaced the original 289 with a 302 and a mild cam. He painted it in his driveway, drove it about 1700 miles and basically parked it in the garage under a cover. He decided to get rid of it and I've been putting the miles on it ever since.
    It was built on June 4th, 1965 in Dearborn and has a DSO of Washington, DC. It was originally an Ivy Green car. It came from the factory with the four speed and the "pony" interior. It is a head-turner and an absolute ball to drive.


    It has styled steel wheels with Michelin radials


    Original Interior Decor Group vehicle. Aftermarket JVC stereo cassette deck, dual coil dash speaker and coaxial speakers in the kick panels.

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