1. General Information
    Triple White
    Mustang LX 5.0 "Summer Special" Convertible
    Limited Edition 'Feature' package

    Bought the car as a wreck on 2010 and have been restoring to concourse driven standards.

    I tried to buy this car in 2008 but could not make a deal. It had a minor fender scrape but the kid who had it wanted to fix it and sell for big money (being rare and low miles). I found where he had tried to sell it on eBay a few years ago for $20k LOL! I told him to call me once it was fixed and we might make a deal. It took about 6 months and he called me back. The car was cherry and he wanted $8k. It broke my heart to turn him down since that was a fair price but that very week my daily driver broke a timing chain and trashed the head, our refrigerator when out, and had to get the washing machine fixed. I just could not take on another car at that time. So I deleted all his emails and phone messages so I would not be reminded about the deal I missed out on. Cut to 6 months later and I sold my 66 coupe and was flush with cash. Since I did not have his phone number or even name any more I just drove out to his house to see if he still had it. Good news and bad news; yes he still had it but his sister drove it into a ditch the week before (messing w/ her iPod). The damage was not too horrible but it did need a lot of love. So we negotiated again and this time, being one repair down already, he was more willing to deal. After a tough negotiation I got the car for a song and drove it like I stole it. Took it to my guy and 4 months later it was done.

    It's #1058 of 1500. We only drive it for shows, parades, and occasional cruses with our club. It;s won several 1st and 2nd place trophies and we will put it in it's first GN Show in Mustang OK 2012.




    Original white ponies. I have 8 NOS extra center caps and three extra wheels in the attic.

    Flowmaster off road H pipe and flowmaster 40 mufflers.


    Before I ever decided to show this car I had subframe connectors added and the cats removed. Wish I had not done that. Guess I have to take the points hit for that.


    New leather, new map pockets, and that's it. Even the ashtray door works. I've got the original NOS floor mats still in the Ford box. Never been stepped on.


    I've got a AC clutch hub to replace and needs a correct BX58C battery but other than that it's all stock.

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