1. General Information
    Lil' Suzy
    V6 Coupe Prem
    Sterling Gray Metallic
    Rapid Spec 202A

    Purchased to tour the 48 Contiguous United States. If all goes to plan, by October 31st of 2012, this little V6 Pony will have:

    Traveled more than 20,000 miles just road trippin'; been in 38 states; toured all the contiguous states west of the Mississippi; been to the geographic centers of both the contiguous 48 states and 50 states; visited more than 30 National Parks, Monuments, and Battlefields; traveled through or around more than 50 National Forests; have placed more than 90 stamps in our National Parks Passport Book; been to both oceans twice; participated in the 2012 Great American Pony Drive; and a whole bunch of cruise-ins, which will include Woodward Avenue. Not to mention capturing the hearts of her owners.

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