1. General Information
    Old Girl
    Black and Real Rust.

    The original owner bought it in 1969 in Iowa while on his way to Alaska.Truck was driven as hauler/ Snow plow for 38 yrs, original owner drove it home to Wisconsin after retiring, gave truck to Nephew to restore, Nephew found better truck for less than what rust repair would cost him. Sold me the truck for $300.00, I rebuilt the brakes,replaced the steering box, installed an exhaust, drove it home to Tenn, then drove it to South-East Texas. Truck is all original except for the 1971 grill. I drive her everyday.


    Custom Rattle-Can Black.

    Stock 16.5 inch with Factory hubcaps.

    It's got , well 140HP and 375 Torque. At least it did 40 yrs ago.


    Stock, and it has a Tachometer. Oh yeah, some custom black duct tape on the seat.

    Chrome air cleaner, should be good for 1/2 a HP.Hooker Headers, should be good for 1 whole HP.

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