1. General Information
    Little Red Riding 'n' The Hood
    mustang Coupe
    Race Red
    V-6 Pony Package/Premium,Performance,& Security

    The Car was purchased at Astorg Ford on
    7th of December 2011 in Parkersburg,WV.
    I had seen Her come off the truck an had to have HER. I am adding a SuperCharger and cold air Intake and a Bama flash tuner.


    Added chrome door handle,third brake light
    chrome trim,side lights,deck lit blackout.
    retro-chrome lettering,rear window louver,
    1/4 windows louvers,and chrome mirrors.
    American Muscle . com is a mustang lovers
    toys store

    I put FOOSE Nitrous Wheels 18x9

    NITTO MOTIVO 235/50 ZR Ultra-High
    Performance Tires

    A mural of Mustang History from 1964 to present. A BBK cold air intake. black hood
    struts and a red engine brace.

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