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    Wife's ZebraStang
    Mustang GT

    Purchased by my wife in the early '90s as her daily driver to college and then to work. We went on our first date in this car. YES, she took me out on our first date, true story!! She allowed me to drive it after a couple dates. Best described as a "street legal" go-kart, especially if top is down. She really cared for this pony the best she could. We brought our newborn son home from the hospital in this convertible. It remained the family grocery getter for many years. After it was retired as a daily driver a few years ago, I decided to freshen it up for shows and nice weather driving. Originally the car had white top, gray lower section with blue stripe and turbine wheels. The car has been updated over the years to it's current '90's appearance.


    Unmolested original engine and most parts. 150,000 miles. Minor pieces replaced or repainted.

    New carpet and leather upholstery

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