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    Mustang GT
    Premium pkg, Cervini's C series body kit

    I bought this car brand new in 2008 as a stock 4.6L, Automatic. My father and I painted the body kit and put that on first with the Shelby Razer 20" Chrome rims. At that time the car had white vinyl stripes. I decided to go with a little bit stealthier look and start painting accent pieces black like the rear faux gas cap. When the car hit about 25,000 miles we put a Paxton Novi 2200 system with upgraded 38lbs. fuel injectors and a kenne-bell boost-a-pump. Full mount intercooler as well, good for 900hp. After the car had around 40,000 miles on it we ended up pulling the valve covers and setting some Detroit Rocker cams, supercharger grind, in the motor and REALLY opened the car up and let it breathe. The car runs 12 flats in the quarter mile on 305 Nitto street slicks. As for the interior I decided to cut the dash out and install a flush mounted IPad that will read Engine codes and give you automatic guages to monitor just about everything on the car. REALLY cool addition. I am now deciding to sell the car for around $31,000 seeing that I have over $45,000 in it. The car currently has 44,xxx miles on it. Has never had any problems and has taken home many awards from car shows around the Houston, Tx area.


    C Series Body Kit from Cervini Auto design minus the wing. True 2.5" side exhaust, Shelby authentic hood pins, custom painted matt black emblems, 8K HID Headlights AND fog lights.

    20" Authentic Chrome Shelby Razer rims, Falken Tires


    2200 polished Paxton Novi h/o system, full mount intercooler, 38lbs. fuel injectors, KenneBell Boost-A-Pump fuel pump booster, Detroit rocker cams, and 3.73 gears are sitting in garage ready to be installed



    Custom Ipad Install- Flushmounted
    Rear seat delete (Rear seats back in car)

    Just a shiny Paxton ;]

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