1. General Information
    1979 Mustang Cobra
    Mustang Cobra
    2P Red and 1C Black
    Cobra Package

    I have owned this car since I was a kid, well 18, in 1986. I drove it one year and realized it was too nice and that I would wreck it. It has 72k miles on it. I am planing on doing a full restoration. I have been collecting NOS parts and some used for 24

    My goal is to win Gold in 79-93 Concours Restored class. It has taken a lot of work getting the parts ready for this, I use the MCA rulebook as my guide. I am thankful for this and MCA!

    I have to thank my late Uncle Cordell who let me store this car in his garage for over 15 years, while I went to college, apartment living, and until I could have my own garage. Without his generosity I would not have been able to keep this car. Thanks Uncle Cordell!


    The hood scoop has always been black since I have had it. I am going to repaint it to the body color of 2P Red and add the stripes on each side of the hood. I like the black hood scoop, but I don't think it is factory correct?

    I have had my TRX wheels refinished

    This is my new headliner. I also need to put in these NOS rear interior panels - these are super hard to find NOS and speaker delete which work perfect because this is a a radio delete car. They are a blessing from above!

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