1. General Information
    The 65
    Mustang Coupe "K" code
    Original Springtime Yellow
    "K" code and HD suspension, Front Disc Brakes

    Was a gift to Lew Florence of Yakima, WA. From Shelby American. Lew owned and raced 1964 Cobra CSX 2459 in the Pacific Northwest. He was a highered gun/rabbit. He did well as a race driver and Shelby sent him this car in April of 1965. Car was built March 24, 1965. Still has it's original Licence plate "EDE 725" Lew owned Lew Florence Motors in Yakima and they sold VW and Porches. We have owned this Mustang since 1983. 5th owners.


    Black (painted black because it was in trouble with the Law in Seattle, WA. after the 3rd owner bought it) with Gold Stripes. Stripes painted on when the GT 350 fiber glass hood was installed. Graphics in stalled to gain more History on the car. This has worked. Park by the Original Lew Florence dealership Yakima, WA.

    Vintage Wheels Works 16x8 with Nitto NT 01 245 tires.

    289 HiPro with late 80's up grades. 3:89 gears and added rear disc brakes. JBA headers and AR heads.

    Like a 65 Shelby, with better sway bars and springs from Jay Bittle, JBA. Koni's Special D's.


    4 speed and some peddels on the floor, what else do you want?

    See above, please.

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