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    Green w/Gold stripes
    Not originally ...

    I'm the second owner of this beauty. The original owner traded in the car for a station wagon .. you know the story. My first Mustang was a gorgeous 73 convertible and was totaled by a Cadillac running a red light. This one was found at a Buick Dealership and I got ahold of her for $2500. I drove her as my daily driver throughout the Navy, up & down the east coast from NY to Florida. After a decade of wear & tear she finally needed to come off the street and I saved up for a restoration / upgrade. She now has a 93 T5, disc brakes, limited slip diff w/3.73 gears. Custom paint & top. New Vintage gauges and turned into a car I LOVE to drive. She doesn't see a trailer, she likes to be driven. She's gone from Atlanta to Myrtle beach twice for Mustang Week. I have to recommend everyone visit during this week of the year. She's taken best in class both years.


    I call the color British Racing Metallic with Gold Stripes. I added a Shelby style trunk & extensions.

    17x9 front, 17x10 rear with Coys 67 series wheels in chrome.

    Original engine, yanked, rebuilt and put back in. slight cam upgrade. Added a World Class T5 transmission from a 1993 Mustang. Patriot shorty headers into 2 1/2 inch dual exhaust coming out Mach 1 tips. Added a Boregeson P/S kit, Power disc brakes & 9" differential with 3.73 gears & Alpine limited slip differential.

    Stock .. just all new.

    NPD Ginger .. Thinking about the TMI Sport kit

    not too much bling, she's a driver

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