1. General Information
    1971 Boss 351 Mustang Bosshorsepower
    Mustang Boss 351
    Light Pewter Metallic

    One of the best performing Mustangs of all times? Many seem to think so. These cars accelerate like rockets!
    This model is in very original condition. It still wears it's original paint over all rust free D1ZB stamped sheet metal, has it's complete original interior, and has it's correct VIN numbers stamped in the fender aprons, engine block, and transmission case face plate. Preserved cars like this one are becoming increasingly hard, if not impossible to find. I have 3 original build sheets and the real original window sticker as well as the Ford Emminger copy. It has 30K original miles and has had just 3 previous owners. This car's "born on" invoice date is November 05, 1970 and information from the Boss 351 Registry states that this was the first production date for the Boss 351 Mustang. The Registry also states that only 3 Boss 351 Mustangs were built on November 05, 1970, possibly making this Boss the earliest one left in existence. It has been written up and pictured in both Mustang Monthly and Mustang Times and has earned a Silver Status in the un-restored class at a national level on multiple occasions. This car has spent it's entire life in the Southeastern United States. Visit www.bosshorsepower.com for a full picture gallery.

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