1. General Information
    Dirty Red
    MACH I
    A/C, power Steering, factory power windows, power disc brakes, Auto (C6), Rear Window Defroster, etc.

    First sold in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.


    Painted 9 years ago

    Upgraded to 15 inch Magnum 500s.

    351C, 4 Barrel Holley, Edelbrock intake, C6 trans, original engine, rebuilt heads.

    Completely rebuilt the front suspension and all components.

    Added new old fashion radio, rebuilt back seat and all other components. Rebuilt Tachometer. Rebuilt and replaced all types of small components.

    Chrome valve covers, radiator brackets, shock tower tops, firewall supports, coil, and alternator. . Spark plug wires replaced with red. All hoses are factory motorcraft. A/C works.

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