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    Midnight illusion
    Midnight black

    I am the fourth owner. The vehicle started out as a 4 cylinder automatic. The vehicle was then purchased and converted to a 5.0 with some mods. The vehicle was then purchased again and was driven to the new owner and just sat in his driveway. My wife and I saw the vehicle and purchased it and have been fixing all the damage done to the vehicle from previous owners. Hoping to fully restore and fix all damage from neglect


    Fr500 17x9


    BBk equal headers, BBk 2.5" H-pipe, magna flow mufflers, 5-lug conversion, B&M hammer shifter, 3.73 gears, Eibach adjustable suspension, 3 bolt adjustable camber plates, Eibach front and rear sway bars, GT-40 upper and lower intake, 70 mm throttle body, BBK cold air intake, bored .30 over, aluminum pistons, aluminum pushrods, E303 performance cams, aluminum pulleys, 2 row aluminum radiator, MSD ignition and distributor.


    Stock 1987 smoke grey interior


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