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    Dark Shadows

    Ever since I was a child I wanted a Mustang. My father, uncle, brother, even the darn cow, owned one. Always been my dream car. After coming back from serving in the US Army, Obviously I wanted the bad boy v8, but being young and desperate I got my hands one whatever I could get. I don't regret my choice one bit. Even being a bity v6, it was still my dream car. I bought the car from a dealer, stuck with max rates, and high payments I didn't care. I said I would sell my soul to pay for this vehicle. It wasn't in great condition. Had high mileage, but I still cherished it as if it was a brand new car. Being on my own since age of 15, and trying to afford everything for myself has been a difficult run, but i'm doing my best. Everyday i'm saving up to buy my goal, the badboy Saleen 302 or Rouch. Until than, now part of a wonderful Mustang family. I intend to work as hard as I can to achieve my goals, Encourage others, and be a brother to any fellow Mustanger out there!


    Vent covers, button chrome painted red.

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