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    1965 Mustang Convertible "Dealer GT"
    Mustang Convertible "Dealer GT" (March 20, 1965)
    Silver Blue5 code Y and Lt Blue & White Deluxe (Po
    6 cylinder 200 1v L6 5 Engine, Convertible with Deluxe Pony package

    I purchased this car in 1982 from the second owner who was an Oakland, CA motorcycle cop in Alameda, CA. He had purchased the car from a Piedmont or Oakland, CA resident who was an Elder in the Mormon church in Oakland. The first owner bought the car direct from the dealer in San Francisco on Van Ness Avenue. I have garaged the car for the last 32 years and have driven the car less than a few hundred miles each year. The car is in very clean and good original shape.

    The VIN is 5R08T200277 and the warranty plate info is 76B Y 62 20Q 72 2 6. All this information checks out to visual colors and options plus during any mechanical maintenance over the years.

    I understand from information gathered and a detailed Oral History provided by the prior owner, that this car was one of the original Mustang convertibles that was shown on the dealership turntable at the Van Ness Ave, San Francisco, CA dealer.

    In trying to confirm this information I found consistent information that suggests that the car was likely shown/sold at the legendary WILLIAM L HUGHSON FORD, San Francisco, CA (1903-79) which was the world's first Ford Dealership.
    William L Hughson Ford was located in San Francisco, California with a new dealership and a used dealership (used location was 1415 Van Ness Avenue, San Francisco). In the 1960s the company was known as Hughson Ford Sales. The main office was located at 1200 Larkin and the new car sales were at 1400 Van Ness Ave. This would be consistent with the oral history that the car was featured at the Van Ness location. The Ford dealer code # was 72A005. This would also be consistent with the information on the warranty plate that confirms the DSO was "72" or San Jose. This would be the local DSO for this "72" dealership.

    Interesting aside about William L Hughson was that he was born in 1869 in Buffalo, New York. He established a Hughson and Merton Machinery Parts out west in San Francisco. While visiting a Chicago trade show in 1902 he was intrigued by Henry Ford's new 'horseless carriage' concept. Hughson bought 12 of Ford's first cars in 1903 and became the West Coast dealer for Ford. He was the first Ford dealership. After Hughson's death in 1969 the dealership carried on for another decade before closing.

    Another interesting and unique fact about this car is that is is clearly marked and designed as a "GT" model. A mustang expert, Ray or Mustang Brothers in San Bruno, CA, has maintained the car for some time and suggested that this could be a "Dealer GT" where the dealer outfitted the car with different options so that they could show customers what the additional packages and models might look like. This would add further credence that this car was in fact used by the dealer as a show car in early 1965 to show customers model and options. That seems a reasonable explanation but I am aware some enthusiasts are not very favorable to this practice and have called them "imposter" GTs in some references. At minimum, I believe this could add to the uniqueness and collectibility of this car. It is not for the usual large v8 engines or Shelby version but for the fact there would be very few "Dealer GTs" in existence.

    It is worth noting that this car is nearly completely original and un-restored. Except for mechanical maintenance over the years, replacing the top, adding a new dual master cylinder (not standard in 65) for safety plus other mechanical parts replacement there has been no major changes or updates. It is not likely GT emblems or the supreme Pony seats were added or modified later. In fact, al the warranty plate info on interiors is a match to current equipment.

    I am currently looking closer at DMV records to confirm information. I am also trying to find out more information and perspectives on the "Dealer GT" status and what it means. Any comments or information about that would be appreciated.

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