A week before the show I placed a large order for merchandise on the website, which I expected to pick up at the show. I paid via Paypal, and never got a receipt in email, so I had to call the number associated to the account which rang to Steve Hall. He told me would be able to pick up the order at the show. Upon arriving at the show Friday am, I waited in line for the tent to open 30 minutes only to find out they sold out of my order. I eventually tracked down Steve at the Shelby booth and he apologized, and told me there was another order coming and he would ship mine out of that, the week following the show. He also told me he would refund me the cost of shipping I had already paid, even though this was a order for pickup. That never happened either. The week came and went, so I called the number again, left numerous voicemails and never got a reply. Eventually I got an email from Steve stating he would ship "the items" the following week, which was last week. I never got it and phone goes directly to voicemail. There is no other contact information on the web site. I am very upset because I expect at this point that not only is my money gone but the shirts and hats that I purchased for friends and family at the once and a lifetime event are gone too. Since Mustang Club of America, has no other contact method I can find, this is my only option, leaving in a public forum. Also note, I did a renewal at the show and was promised a t-shirt which I never got either. Any help Mustang Club of America can provide in resolving my issues I would appreciate it. For the record, I cant file a claim on paypal at this point as its been over a month and I took Steve for his word.