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Parking and other issues

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    Parking and other issues

    Despite all of the minor issues, I had a great time and appreciate all the effort that went into the Charlotte event.

    The main issue I found was a lack of communication. It would be a good idea (IMHO) to establish some lines of communication, such as on-line information services, and event updates. A lot of venues had changes that few were aware of because they had no way of finding out.

    Parking was confusing and had numerous issues. I was told that I would be in M.O.R.E. parking, but then found out on Thursday that I was in the one across the highway. Luckily we found a lift before we started across the skywalk, but the shuffle carts were uncoordinated and there were no marked stops were we could get a ride. When we got there, we had to get out at the entrance to the tunnel and walk in. My BIL and I are not young pups and he has had recent heart surgery. Once inside, we found out that there were still parking inside, and contrary to what was posted, cars were being allowed to leave. When we left, we again walked to the tunnel and asked the information tent how we could catch a ride back. We were told that the carts were only for disabled.

    We tried to get into the infield on Friday, but everyone had learned from Thursday, and it was full, so we had to walk about a half mile to get in. We did not even bother to go on Saturday, because with the rain, I was not about to park in one of the muddy fields, and I had no confidence in getting a ride from the M.O.R.E. lot. I would suggest that in the future, provided detailed on-line maps of the parking, and where spaces are restricted, post updates on the web when they are full. Make shuttle services a combination of dedicated routes and a taxi service. Post a schedule and make a method of calling for a ride. A person at the entry could be put in charge of coordinating rides. It would be best if a cart was always available at the gate, but even every fifteen minutes would help.

    One thing that embarrassed me as a Mustang owner was a few of the people that towed their Mustangs. At our hotel, we had several trailers that were parked as to take up several needed parking spaces. One person parked a small flatbed where it blocked four spaces. Add a few who insisted on using two or more spaces to park their car, and it created chaos. My hat is off to the Hilton valet who made spaces available in the valet parking and rental car spaces for several people who could not find a space, myself included. I feel that trailer parking should be in a designated area that is secure. For example, could there be a place on either track that is fenced and maybe have video monitoring? A consideration would be to have a liaison person who works with the hotels to help resolve any issues.

    Finally, I offered to volunteer at Charlotte, but was unable to locate where I needed to go and how I could be used. I do not know what the situation was, but I do know that before I volunteer again, I will want to have a more defined idea of how I am needed and who to see.

    Nothing I mentioned created a situate where I did not enjoy myself, but does present an opportunity to make future events more enjoyable.
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