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Streaming and or video

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    Streaming and or video

    I'm a dues paying member #28825, was not able to attend the 50th. Started looking on the MCA website Thursday of the event for photos, news, videos, streamings etc. Continue looking to this day (5/31) and can find nothing. Assumed for as much as my dues are that during/immediately after the event there would be all kinds of photos of the car shows, videos of the events, videos of the keynote speakers, highlights, interviews, etc. Nothing absolutely nothing that I can find.......for $50 a pop for 11000 members the MCA could not afford a videographer, and someone to place content on the website?
    What are we suppose to do? Wait for Mustang Monthly, Mustang Times?
    That does not seem to be the way to build/retain membership.........even my no-name podunk college streams athletic events........

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    There is a video being produced of the Las Vegas and Charlotte celebrations. The link to purchasing it can be found at
    There is a "teaser" for the video at

    There are numerous photos and a few videos posted on this website, as well as posts with links to other sites with photos.

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