Just to give some international feedback on the 50th celebrations, we were a group of 15 couples all mustang owners from Australia who spent a month travelling in the western states with the last week in Vegas for the party.
Overall we had a great time, a couple of downsides were the Thursday night get together under the bridge was poorly planned and executed, Friday night at the Shelby dinner much better and the main dinner at the Luxor on Saturday night was well catered for, only problem was you could only hear the speeches if you were in the front 10 rows and we were up the back.
The setup at the speedway was fine, no parking or entrance issues as our group had registered early and things flowed well - plenty of vendors etc, my only issue was the lack of other events, displays on mustangs. We found the museum with 5? Cars in it, all up we spent 3 hours there and as we had to watch our shopping due to airline baggage restrictions, had 3 1/2 days left in the weekend.
That said - everyone there both volunteers vendors were very friendly and helpful as were most of the folks we met during our trip.
It would have been a major undertaking to pull this all together, and hats off to those who gave their time to do so, we'll be back in a couple of years to visit the east coast.
Thanks again to MCA and everyone involved.

John Duerinckx