Thu, 21 Feb 2019 18:27:41 -0600 Mustang Club of America Recent Content from Mustang Club of America Tue, 19 Feb 2019 18:20:00 -0600 Events Calendar <div align="center"><b><font size="5"><font color="Red">MCA National Events<font color="blue"> <font color="black">-</font> Regional MCA Shows</font></font></font></b><b><font size="5"><font color="Red"> <font color="black">- </font></font></font></b><b><font size="5"><font color="Red"><font color="black"><b><font size="5"><font color="Red"><font color="blue">Regional MCA Driving Events </font></font></font></b></font></font></font></b><b><font Fri, 18 Jan 2019 10:50:00 -0600 Please update your email address <font color="black"><font size="5"><b>ATTN: STANDARD AND DIGITAL MEMBERS</b></font><b><br /> <font size="5"><br /> <font size="5"><font size="4">At the last Board of Directors meeting it was decided that we will pursue Digital voting for Standard members as well as Digital members starting with this year's elections. We need your help to make this happen.<br /> </font></font></font></b></font><b><font size="5"><font size="5"><font size="4"><br /> <font color="darkred">Please make sure that we have your correct email addresses on file! You Thu, 20 Dec 2018 14:08:00 -0600 MCA Office Holiday Closure <font face="Trebuchet MS"><font size="4"><b><font size="6"><font color="green">THE MCA OFFICE WILL BE CLOSED FOR THE HOLIDAYS</font></font><br /> </b></font></font><br /> <font face="Arial"><font size="3"><b>The MCA Business Office will be closed for the holidays from Monday December 24, 2018 until January 2, 2019. Any calls or emails to the office will not be processed until the office reopens and will be processed in the order that they were received. Please allow additional time for a response.</b></font></font> Wed, 14 Nov 2018 12:48:00 -0600 2019 Board of Director Elections MCA Executive Committee and National Director Election Results<br /> <br /> Executive Committee<br /> <br /> President - Steve Prewitt<br /> Vice President - Jim Keenan<br /> Secretary - Laurie Slawson<br /> Treasurer - Lynda Blackstock<br /> Past President - Jeff Mays<br /> <br /> National Directors<br /> <br /> Mike Anchor<br /> Suzanne Beels<br /> John Dettori<br /> Dennis Figley<br /> Norton Foskett<br /> Tim Hahn<br /> Al Hammond<br /> Billy Henson<br /> Ed Hockaday<br /> Bryan Kerrick<br /> George Magro<br