Sat, 23 Jun 2018 11:27:00 -0500 Mustang Club of America Recent Content from Mustang Club of America Sun, 17 Jun 2018 08:35:00 -0500 Somewhere, Carroll Is Smiling <div align="center"><img src=";d=1374348542" img></div><i>(Photo and article courtesy of Ford Performance)<br /> <br /> </i><br /> <h4>JUN 11, 2018 | Ford Motor Company Press Release</h4><h2><font size="5">‘Somewhere, Carroll Is Smiling;’ New 2019 Shelby GT350 Adds Tech from Mustang Road Course Racing and All-New Shelby GT500 </font></h2> <font face="Arial"><font size="3"><b>DEARBORN</b> – To improve the new Ford Mustang Shelby<b><sup>®</sup></b> GT350 driver confidence and lap times, Ford Performance Sat, 16 Jun 2018 00:07:00 -0500 Events Calendar <div align="center"><b><font size="5"><font color="Red">MCA National Events<font color="blue"> <font color="black">-</font> Regional MCA Shows</font></font></font></b><b><font size="5"><font color="Red"> <font color="black">- </font></font></font></b><b><font size="5"><font color="Red"><font color="black"><b><font size="5"><font color="Red"><font color="blue">Regional MCA Driving Events </font></font></font></b></font></font></font></b><b><font Sat, 26 May 2018 09:07:00 -0500 Ford Performance Launches in Australia <h2><font size="3"><div align="center"><a href=";attachmentid=15879" title="">Attachment 15879</a></div></font></h2><h2><font size="5">Ford Performance Launches in Australia; Mustang to Compete in Virgin Australia Supercars Championship</font></h2><h4>Ford of Australia Press Release</h4><font face="Arial"><font size="3"><b>MELBOURNE, Australia </b>– Ford Australia is officially launching the Ford Performance brand with a flurry of new models and competition partnerships to build on Australia’s appetite for dynamic, high performance Thu, 05 Apr 2018 10:29:00 -0500 Ford Wants to Repair Your Takata Airbag...For Free! <div align="center"><font face="Arial"><font size="3"><b>If your Ford vehicle is equipped with the Takata airbags that are the subject of the multi-make recall effort, Ford wants to hear from you.</b></font></font><br /> </div> <div align="center"><b><font face="Arial"><font size="3">Just click on the link below and enter your VIN number to see if your vehicle is part of the recall. </font></font></b><br /> <b><font face="Arial"><font size="3"> If it is, then contact your local Ford dealer and arrange for them to perform the corrective action on your vehicle at no cost to you.<br Tue, 27 Mar 2018 13:07:00 -0500 California Special Returns for 2019 Mustang <div align="center"><a href=";attachmentid=15701" title="">Attachment 15701</a><br /> </div><i>(Article, video, and images courtesy of Ford Media)<br /> <br /> </i><h1><font size="6">California Special Returns for 2019 Mustang, Plus Enthusiast Updates Include Rev-Matching, B&amp;O Play Audio System and New Colors</font></h1><ul><li><font face="Arial"><font size="3">California Special returns with a new limited-edition design package for 2019 Mustang GT fastback coupe and convertible models that commemorate visual cues of the Sun, 18 Mar 2018 11:46:00 -0500 How to become a Regional MCA club! <hr />Here is how to become an MCA Regional Club:<br /> <br /> Read through and fill out the attached application and forward it to <a href=""></a>. This goes to the regional clubs committee who should respond back verifying they received it. They will work with you directly as your application moves through the process.<br /> <br /> <a href=";attachmentid=10634" title="">Attachment 10634</a><br /> <br /> <a href=";attachmentid=15680" title="">Attachment