• Mustang Car Covers- Why You Should Go With Water Repellent, NOT Waterproof

    Looking to buy a cover for your Mustang? Are you in the market for something you’re going to use outdoors that will keep your car dry? Here’s why you should buy a water-repellent cover instead of a water-proof cover.

    All of our outdoor Covercraft Car Covers are water repellent, or hydrophobic, meaning designed to shed water. Our covers are water- repellent, yet still breathable, meaning the material allows any heat or interior moisture to evaporate out from underneath. A breathable, water repellent cover always allows air circulation under the cover and reduces heat build up on hot days. This is especially important if you live in a humid area.

    A waterproof cover can actually trap moisture against your paint. When water evaporates off the ground, it can get under your cover, and if your cover is waterproof, it cannot escape. This can lead to your Mustang's paint job being ruined!

    For this reason you should always make sure to go with a cover that is water repellent, yet breathable. Our covers are not only breathable, but Made in the USA by Covercraft. Covercraft is an industry leading manufacturer and their covers are extremely high quality. Go with a Mustang car cover from Covers Direct for a promise of not only breathability, but ultimate satisfaction.

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