• Ford Recognizes the Mustang 50th Birthday Celebration as THE 50 Years Celebration of Ford and Becomes a Partner!

    The Mustangs 50th year is very special to Ford as a whole for two reasons. First, the Mustang is 50 years old and second is that the Mustang has been in continuous production for all of those 50 years!

    In recognition of these milestones, Ford has appointed Jim Owens as the 50th Mustang Celebration Marketing Manager. Jim is an old friend of the MCA, as weve known him in many other Ford and Shelby official capacities over the years.

    Since then, Jim and his 50th Mustang staff have been working with the MCA to bring the Mustang 50th Birthday Celebration to an even higher level for the enjoyment of all Mustang enthusiasts, worldwide!

    This will be the first time that the Mustang Club of America and Ford Motor Company have truly worked together on the planning and execution of a Mustang Anniversary Celebration. Thats not to say that Ford hasnt supported the MCA and the Mustang Anniversary Shows in the past. Ford has always supported the MCA in all of our activities, especially our Mustang Anniversary Celebrations.

    This Mustang Celebration will be different. Instead of just being at the event and a sponsor of the event, Ford Motor Company will actually become a partner with the MCA in the planning and organization of the Mustang 50th Birthday Celebration. With this new partnership, the MCA will benefit from Ford support in many different areas including facility help and layout support, set up and parking support, PR and Marketing Support and Simulcast/Broadcast to those who cant attend the Celebrations.

    Jim will also be working to secure Ford Stars, including the Ford family and senior Ford executives, performers from the recording industry including American Idol stars, and many racing stars of today, tomorrow and the past. Add to that, the social media buzz that Ford will generate and the advertising in many different venues that the MCA could never afford or would not have access to. Also, Team Mustang will be there for additional support for the MCA.

    To make a long story short, Ford Motor Company is recognizing these events as the 50 years celebration for Ford. The car marketing team this year has dedicated a specific marketing budget that will activate the Mustang 50th Birthday Celebration with the specific goal of working with the MCA to make it a huge success!

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