Central Missouri Mustang and Ford Club

General Information
The Central Missouri Mustang and Ford club is based in Mid Missouri, mainly Columbia and Jefferson City. We host an annual show and participate in other fund raising events each year throughout Missouri. We have about 35 members at any one time. Cars range from the earliest Mustangs and 1950s Fords to the very latest Roush Mustangs and Ford Trucks.

Established:1983 Central Missouri Mustang and Ford Club
2119 Highway CC
Linn, MO
United States
Club President
Cyndi Summers
Dues:Currently $20.00 per year due in January.
Meeting Information
Beginning in the Spring (March) each year until the Fall (October) the meetings are held once a month in Columbia and Jefferson City, MO usually in the evening at a local restaurant. Announcements and cruises are organized by email and Facebook posts. The club participates in the Central Missouri Holiday Parades in November and December.
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