Baton Rouge Mustangers

General Information
All Mustang enthusiasts are welcome to join The Baton Rouge Area Mustangers! Mustang ownership is not required. Of course, cruising to club activities is more fun in a Mustang but a few of our current members are Mustang-less and some even own Cougars and Thunderbirds! You just have to have an appreciation for and interest in Mustangs.

Established:1982 Baton Rouge Mustangers
P. O. Box 78033
Baton Rouge, LA 70837
United States
Club President
Dale Olano
Regional Director
Jim Freyder
Dues:Dues for membership in our club is $20 per year. All dues are due in January of each year. If you join between the months of January and June, your $25 dues should be paid in full. If you join between the months of July and December, your initial dues will be $12.50 for the remainder of that calendar year.
Meeting Information
Our club meeting is held on the first Wednesday of each month (except December) at Jones Creek Cafe & Oyster Bar (225-755-3550) located at 15005 Market Street in Baton Rouge. In December, our club Christmas Party replaces the monthly meeting and is usually held on the first Saturday.
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