Central South Carolina Mustang Club

General Information
Central South Carolina Mustang Club (CSCMC) was established in December 1978 with only a handful of members. Today, we have members from all over the Central South Carolina area belong to this known organization. We were the first regional group in the state and the seventeenth in the world. Respected not only for automotive expertise but a willingness to help each other maintain and restore this special breed of automobile.
The purpose of the club is to encourage, stimulate and promote interest in the preservation and restoration of the Mustang, Boss, Shelby, Saleen and Cobra Cars for the years 1964-1/2 to the present.
Most important of all, Central South Carolina Mustang Club provides fellow Mustang owners an opportunity to get to know people that share a common interest in Mustangs of any year. Members have varied interests in regard to their Mustangs, some like concours-all original; others prefer modified-A little or A lot. Some members are into racing their ponies and others just like to take their ponies to car shows.
Members own a wide variety of Mustangs-from the oldest to the newest. Whatever Mustang like, you will probably have something in common with one of our members. One thing we all have in common is the Love and Enjoyment of Mustangs.

Established:1978 Central South Carolina Mustang Club
PO Box 2614
Columbia, SC
United States
Club President
Brian Miles
Regional Director
Steve Webster
Dues:$25.00 / Year
Coordinators:68227, gtpuller
Meeting Information
Please check Central SC Mustang Club's website for meeting locations and times.
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