Vintage Mustang Owners Association

General Information
The Vintage Mustang Owners Association (VMOA) was founded in August, 1977 to provide a focal point for Mustang owners who wished to further their enjoyment of ownership. The club was originally dedicated to the restoration and preservation of only the 1965 and 1966 Mustangs, but now welcomes all Mustangs up to and including the current model year of production. Your interest in Mustangs is the most important thing, not the condition of your car or the fact that you may not even own a Mustang yet. Club members keep current on the latest Mustang information and participate in numerous fun events all year.

Established:1975 Vintage Mustang Owners Association
PO Box 5772
San Jose, CA 95150
United States
Club President
Tom Hassenberg
Regional Director
Phil Deardorf
Dues:$35 annual dues
$10 new member fee
Coordinators:66K_GT, phild
Meeting Information
First Friday of every month at Sunnyvale Ford
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