Golden Hills Mustang Club

General Information
The Golden Hills Mustang Club, established in 1982, is a nonprofit organization, the purpose of which is to promote the admiration, ownership, care and maintenance of the Ford Mustang Automobile - regardless of model year.
The club provides a social group for the members whereby they can meet, socialize and maintain a spirit of good fellowship, and participate in activities including the use of their Mustang.
The club serves as a medium for the exchange of ideas, information and parts and is dedicated to furthering the interest of owners and drivers of the Ford Mustang.

Established:1982 Golden Hills Mustang Club
PO Box 497
Fairfield, CA 94533
United States
Club President
Kathy Loya
Regional Director
Robin Paulsell
Meeting Information
Monthly, 4th Tuesday, at the Stars Recreation Center, Browns Valley Parkway, Vacaville CA.
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